Specialized Projects Division

At Sterling Brokerage Services, we understand that not all cargo is created equal. Our Specialized Trucking Services are designed to meet the particular needs of your valuable freight.  

Our team has unmatched experience and access to the equipment needed to execute even the most complex project. We have the specialized knowledge to handle a wide range of challenging shipments from massive multi-state heavy haul projects to high-value escort moves.  

Our capabilities include [but are not limited to]:

  • Oversized and heavy hauls
  • Projects
  • Hazardous materials
  • Fragile and delicate items
  • High-value and confidential shipments

Sterling Brokerage Services: Specialized Projects team has the boots-on-the-ground experience which means we’re working as your partner from doing our homework on route surveys to untangling the local and state permit process that can be the cause for more than one sleepless night for our clients.

We’re also sticklers for adhering to the most comprehensive safety protocols as we possess all of the necessary TSA, Homeland Security (TWIC) and Hazmat Transportation Safety certifications.

Plus with our wide network of assets including barging and rail, we’ll shape the solution for any budget and timeline you throw our way.

    Arthur Menard

    Arthur Menard
    Sterling Brokerage Services | Specialized Projects

    Our Specialized Projects division, headed by the 40+ year veteran, Arthur Menard, has seen it all.

    From the planning and handling of $500M Fortune 5 mission critical projects to “simple” cargo transport, Sterling Brokerage Services: Specialized Projects has the talent and reputation to manage almost any project over 1M lbs.

    There’s simply no substitute for experience!

    Arthur helped us with the heavy haul for freight going into an Antonov charter to Cyprus. Very involved and the project went through without a glitch. He was on site at loading and offloading as the several trucks were lined up and the project was a success. Very much appreciated for his personal involvement.

    Tiago Salvador ​

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Arthur on two projects, and it goes without saying, it was a great success. Arthur is a very detailed oriented individual, which makes him the best point person for his position.

    Alexandre van Gent ​

    Arthur Menard worked on the 500 Million Arctic Challenger Project with me. In the course of the project, I found Arthur to be a person with dedication, and the right attitude for the job. Well-informed on the details of his job functions, result-oriented, and someone who would do all in his functional power to deliver our materials on target and on schedule to any of our 3 job sites. Great to work with!

    Gerald Kekule

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