Arthur Menard

Arthur Menard
Sterling Brokerage Services | Heavy Haul Projects

Announcing: Sterling Brokerage Services | Heavy Haul Division

How does a company with 30+ years of logistics experience launch a Heavy Haul Project Division?

Bring in a someone with 40+ years of experience in that industry.

Sterling Transportation and Sterling Brokerage Services are pleased to announce our newest division: Sterling Brokerage Services | Heavy Haul Projects. 

Headed by the 40+ year veteran, Arthur Menard, our team is ready for almost anything. Arthur’s handled everything from $500M Fortune 5 mission critical projects to simpler cargo transport. He brings the talent and resources to manage challenges over 1M lbs.

There is no substitute for experience.

And our boots-on-the-ground experience means we’re handling everything from route surveys to navigating local and state permits while following the most comprehensive safety protocols. Plus with our wide network of assets including barging and rail, we’ll shape the solution for any budget and timeline you throw our way. 

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